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22 Jump Street – Review

Sequel films usually have a difficult time living up to their predecessor when the original was a hit. It was a given based on the ending to 21 Jump Street we would see another release soon after. 22 Jump Street picks up right where 21 Jump Street left off. If you’re not familiar with 21 Jump Street, Officer Schmidt (Johan Hill) and his partner Jenko (Channing Tatum) are placed on a special task force to go undercover and revisit high school as students. Their objective, find the dealer supplying the school students with illegal drugs and put an end to it.

As 22 Jump Street kicks off, the two officers find themselves in a very similar scenario, but this go around they are to attend college. The movie makes several jabs at the fact the storyline is basically the same as the original, adding great humor such as when a comedian pokes fun of themselves. I felt as if being upfront about what the audience was about to see was clever. Everyone knew what to expect, yet the film held the interest in the viewers as to what mishaps Schmidt and Jenko would experience next. Roles seemingly reversed for the two officers. Schmidt struggled with acting alone to investigate leads and Jenko became more popular than ever with the jocks. As events unfolded, the two officers argued and fight between one another like they were in a domestic partnership. This too makes for some great laughter when at one point they sit down before a therapist and express themselves.


The story really is no secret here, 22 Jump Street truly is the same as 21 Jump Street. But, the film is just as entertaining as the last and can stand alone if it had to. From what I gathered, the scripts were already completed and as the actors went along, lines where added due to real comedy between friends, Hill and Tatum. The two actors worked great together once again. It is obvious their friendship comes through in the performance which adds well to the depth of the comedy. Ice Cube returns playing the role of Captain Dickson and is accompanied by Amber Stevens who plays Maya, Dickson’s daughter. Directors, Chris Miller and Phil Lord also return and deliver another hysterical film.

So, where do I stand on 22 Jump Street? I say, go see it in theaters, you won’t be disappointed. The film will make you laugh and at some points have you rolling in your chair. It isn’t better than 21 Jump Street, but who knows, maybe 23 Jump Street will surpass them both.

22 Jump Street
  • 80%
    Jake Grunwald - 80%
  • 85%
    Mark Parker - 85%


Go see 22 Jump Street in theaters, you won’t be disappointed. The film will make you laugh and at some points have you rolling in your chair.

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