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Acts of Desperation Review

Firstly; I confess, we usually don’t review independent films due to the abundance of main stream films that fill our schedule, but every once in a while we try to fit one in. On this particular day we decided to review this gem. It’s not an award winning film by any means, but it was surprisingly entertaining. Ever wonder what the film “Traffic” would’ve been like if Jay and Silent Bob were in it? If so, then this is as close as it’s going to get.

The concept of the film is engaging but the script was poorly executed. At times the actors seemed to struggle with the dialogue because it just didn’t sound natural. Most of the actors seemed to fit the roles pretty well with the exceptions of Kira Reed (Morgan) and Neraida Bega (Faith). The group consensus was that casting should have switched their roles. Honestly, one of the main reasons we decided to review this film was because of Jason Gedrick (Grillo). With all the major films/shows under his belt we had to see if he could turn an indie film around. However, the script just got the best of him. Sorry Jason, we know you can do better.

This bring us to what I’d like to call, the two sleeper actors who stole the movie. Vince Lozano (Floyd) and Chris Coppola (Stu) were hilarious. We just wanted to see more of their goofy antics. You could literally make a TV series with their characters. If anyone were to watch this film, it would definitely be for these two guys. Good job you two!

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