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Dolittle Review

I grew up with the 90’s version of Dr. Doolittle almost 30 years ago! With that in mind, I was looking forward to HOW this script would be developed rather than on the acting or actors. The story, in general, is the same, a Doctor who speaks to animals. Nothing crazy, but I know Robert Downey likes to reinvent things to make them to his liking.

 One of the first things I noticed with this rendition is that his studio was involved. In fact, his wife was the director/producer which brought some curiosity as to how this story would unfold. The movie was filled with mystery, crime, adventure! Love! You name it! I have to say though, the gorilla took the cake with the audience. I personally really liked this version, would I watch it again? Absolutely! On tape not in theaters. I didn’t hate it! I actually thought I would, this is probably the third version of the movie and I feel you just can’t go wrong with talking animals and a crazy doctor! Especially when it’s Robert Downey Jr.

I have a cunning feeling that everything Mr. Downey Jr. touches turns to gold!

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