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DreamWorks Home – Review

DreamWorks has put another outstanding film into theaters, this one is titled Home.  I have to say that I have been a fan of DreamWorks films since Shrek came out in the late 90’s. I enjoy the classic humor and they generally make movies that I can sit down and watch with my children as well. Home continues in the same style and fashion.


The aliens called the Boov are on the run from their long standing enemy, The Gorg. The Boov are lead by Captain Smek. The story dives into just how Captain Smek came to be in power. It cuts to a scene where he met with the Gorg and it shows him, cowardly, running away. He claims to his people they have defeated the Gorg and that they were now after him. He reminds you of that boss that you have at work that you know has no business being the “boss” role but somehow or another got there. The Boov made their way to earth and began to relocate the humans. Upon them relocating the humans a mother, Lucy, was separated from her daughter, Gratuity or Tip. On the Boov side of the spectrum the main character’s name is “Oh”. It is explained in the story that he got this name from being annoying to some and not being understood among his people because he thought different or outside of the box or norm. Oh and Tip found each other in a local grocery store and formed an, at first, made up alliance to find Tip’s mHome-copiaom Lucy. Oh was really running from his people as they were hunting him for the messes that he had made. As this unlikely duo teamed up to search planet Earth for Lucy the dialog between the two is funny for both adults and children alike.  Oh experiences new things with Tip and her lazy cat that are new experiences for them and pulls the audience in to really relate and love these characters.

Oh is a miracle worker of sorts at fixing things including Tip’s car so that it can now fly and run off of slushies. There is a lot of fun and excitement in this movie for both children and adults. My children who are 4, 6 and 8 all gave it raving reviews. They loved Oh and his new experiences in the human world.

At last Oh helps Tip find her mother and they are reunited. The Boov are quickly leaving Earth because of the invitation that Oh sent to everyone for his party, including the Gorg. The Boov quickly see that their Captain isn’t all he is cracked up to be and nominate Oh as their new leader. He didn’t want the position and didn’t think that he would be any good at it, and thus, as is true with real life bosses, was one of the best leaders and confronted the Gorg and found the true reason why they were chasing them. Oh gave the Gorg back what was taken from him by the former captain as he ran out and they part ways peacefully leaving a good feeling in your heart of a nice quality family movie that you can enjoy time and time again with your little ones right beside you.  I have to give Home two thumbs up and recommend everyone to see it!

  • 87%
    Corey Staheli - 87%

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