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Edge of Tomorrow – Review

Seeing the previews for Edge of Tomorrow didn’t quite sell me on it. My first thought was, “Another Tom Cruise movie of him playing a similar role as in Oblivion?” What happened to the superstar Tom Cruise we were given in movies such as; Days of Thunder, Top Gun or Collateral? Well, Edge of Tomorrow isn’t the best film Cruise has done, but it doesn’t fall far from. Yet another Sci-Fi film like Oblivion, but this one has much more depth and comes with a well thought out script.

Edge of Tomorrow takes place in the near future as Earth is invaded by what mankind calls, “Mimics”. This sort of alien virus seems to always be two steps ahead of man, adapting to every move the humans throw at them and using it to their advantage. Major Cage (Tom Cruise) influences many people to join the fights against these aliens, but soon finds himself tied up on the battlefront. With a small victory giving hope, mankind makes a huge push on the aliens in hopes to reclaim old soil. During war, Cage experiences something very strange and finds himself back in the presence Sergeant Farell (Bill Paxton) when he arrived to the military base as if his day had reset. Events unfold in the same exact way Cage remembers leading him back to the same point. As each day replays for Cage, he lives slightly longer and eventually crosses paths with Rita (Emily Blunt), a highly skilled Sergeant and poster image for the military as a true warrior. Rita discovers Cage’s new gift and convinces him she possibly has the only answer to what is occurring. Together, Cage and Rita work at finding a solution to winning the war using Cage’s new ability to what is now mankind’s advantage.


The storyline to this film is perfectly excecuted. The attention to detail is accurate and does not faultier during what could be classified as time travel. Each day Cage relives, he advances towards his goal with Rita and gives himself more time for training and planning as he responds to others before they speak. For what would seem like a drawn out process for the audience, the editing for Edge of Tomorrow plays out great and doesn’t lose interest. Along with Cage’s ability to act before others, there is a touch of comedy to keep things lively. The story is unique in its own way. Don’t be turned away by others stating the movie has a similar feel to Groundhogs Day, because even though it does, Edge of Tomorrow excels in the storyline and editing to capture the attention of the viewers.

Directed by, Doug Liman and based on the Novel, All You Need Is Kill written by Hiroshi Sakurazaka; Edge of Tomorrow takes the audience on a great thrill ride of fast action and suspense. Screen writers, Christopher McQuarrie, Roberto OrciAlex KurtzmanD.W. Harper and Joby Harold are superb in adapting to Sakurazaka’s story and really make this film into much more. Edge of Tomorrow is most likely one of this summers best films to see next to X-Men: Days of Future Past. Make sure to check this one off your list of movies to see.

Edge of Tomorrow
  • 88%
    Jake Grunwald - 88%
  • 90%
    Michael Gutierrez - 90%


One of this summers best films to see, be sure to check out Edge of Tomorrow.

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