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Ford Electric Mustang Mach-E Revealed and Thoughts

Ford finally revealed their Electric Mustang called the Mach-E. Ford made such a big deal about this reveal and had gone to such great lengths to keep the vehicle under wraps (literally!) just to have it leak a day before the actual unwrapping must have been disheartening. With that said, I’m not sure how many people actually saw the live reveal so I’ve included a few pics below. The car is pretty sweet, I especially loved the white one with black panaromic top but the show did leave me with a few questions/concerns. I’ll touch base on a few items below that stood out the most.

Firstly; Why is Ford calling the Mach E an SUV? It looks more like a sedan to me. The car clearly has four doors, seats four to five passengers and has a low ground clearance. In the reveal, Bill Ford clearly stated the Mach E has a lower profile than other SUVs give the car better control. I’m thinking if Ford revealed the Mustang Mach E as a sedan people would have been outraged since the Mustang has always been a sports car so the called it an SUV so it could possibly get by due to having the name “Sports Utility Vehicle”. If this isn’t a sedan I would say at the very least it’s a crossover but not even that word was mentioned in the reveal.

Secondly; Bill Ford stated repeatedly the Mach E would do 0-60 in mid 3 seconds. The only version of the car that can achieve that according to their website is the Mach E GT with options, not even the limited edition can so why advertise it so much. It sounds a little misleading but that’s just me.

Lastly; What’s the point in putting a $500 deposit if the site says “Reservation does not guarantee vehicle delivery nor priority for ordering a vehicle.” Isn’t that the point of a reservation? And why list the MSRP price to reserve giving people false information about the price. A $55k MSRP is going to be like $60K when it hits the dealership after all so-called fees and taxes.

Honestly, the car is a beauty, the price is somewhat competitive, and it is a great step forward towards the electric race. I was definitely going to reserve one but right before selecting the “Reserve Now” button I decided to go read the bottom of the page containing asterisks. After reading them it made me not want to forward with the reservation because according to small print most of the information given might not be true. That’s right! The fine print reads “Based on manufacturer calculation using computer engineering simulations. Your results may vary.” I think I’ll wait for the car to hit the market to see what the actual numbers will be not some BS computer engineering simulation.

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