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Gemini Man Review

Let me start by saying Gemini Man is not a terrible film, however, it is extremely ordinary. Proving that a superstar like Will Smith can make a terrible script somewhat watchable. Any film can suffer from not being well-enough developed, but there are also small cases that they can be over-developed. In the case of Gemini Man, the film has been worked on for so long that no one thought to properly update the screenplay. For those that don’t know, this screenplay was actually bought by Walt Disney in the 1990s, then spent more than two decades in development hell. It was given to a few teams at Disney and then a team at Paramount who also tried and failed to get the visual effects right and even in Ang Lee’s technology-savvy hands, the effects aren’t all that great compared to some of the DeepFake effects that have recently surfaced.

Will Smith is clearly the driving force of Gemini Man and he does a great job carrying the weight of this massive movie on his back and there’s no question that the movie does have its entertaining moments, but ultimately it feels somewhat underwhelming. My wife put it best by saying it would have been great as a Netflix release just like Bright (another Will Smith movie).

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