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IT: Chapter Two Review

The time has arrived for IT Chapter 2. Many of our childhood nightmares and fears were due to the original made for TV movie from the 90s written by Steven King. The tale of 7 childhood friends brought together by terrifying encounters that led them to try and defeat the very witty, yet deadly Pennywise the clown.

Let me tell you something! I watched the TV movie almost 30 years ago and I remember being obsessed with this movie/story, but to see it re-done as an adult!? I couldn’t ask for more! SO, I re-watched part 1 in preparation for part 2 because THREE HOURS is no easy feat! I have to say part 2 was smooth! I enjoyed every scary, suspenseful, HILARIOUS moment! There is homage to “THE THING”! References to other Stephen King movies like “The Shining”, all which made the movie that much better because it shows the audience that the director appreciates other horror movies possibly from their youth.

Things I feel needed some work, well just one really, the CGI! It was a fail, to allow two years to pass and then wanting to conclude this film, as opposed to shooting at the same time. This was definitely not the most prudent use of funds, but here we are, and it happened and again, the movie is so good I don’t even care. Also, I had a lot of people tell me that chapter 1 is better than chapter two, but in the movie, I think the author himself pokes fun at the fact that the ending of this movie isn’t the best!

I do need to say that Bill Hader (adult Richie) and Finn Wolfhard (teen Richie) took the cake with an excellent performance. You can’t have a GREAT scary movie without the infinite comedic relief. Not only do they look alike, but they also act alike, they are naturals when it comes to the versatility of serious and the jokes!

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