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Jurassic World – Review

The revamped, bigger, and better theme park, based on the original Jurassic Park is built to attract more tourist and pull in more cash. Claire who is the lead park manager, played by Bryce Dallas Howard is always looking to increase profits and drive up attendance.

To achieve the goal of the park owner, scientist have discovered ways to piece together DNA and improve the overall outcome of their dinosaurs. Among these newly improved creatures is the vicious and highly intelligent, Indominus Rex.

The setting of Jurassic World takes place off the coast of Coast Rica, which is home of the luxury resort and it’s genetically engineered dinosaurs.

The opening scenes of this film were not all that impressive. I can still remember the beginning of Jurassic Park and the impression it left on me as the people entered the park. In Jurassic World, the film kicks off with two brothers played by Ty Simpkins and Nick Robinson leaving home for their vacation trip which felt a bit cheesy and cheap.

Some of the finer points in the film come when Owen (Chris Pratt) a former military man and animal expert demonstrates a bond between himself and four Velociraptors. The interaction gives a different look at these predators and is quite entertaining. Pratt excels in yet another one of his roles on film. His acting defiantly brings positivity to Jurassic World and carries weight in the films outcome.



Aside from Pratt’s performance, most of the other actors were par at best. Director Colin Trevorrow added a touch of comedy to the film I feel was over done and did not fit well.

The visual effects and CGI for Jurassic World came out nicely. It is hard not to compare this film to Jurassic Park. The story does not leave much room to venture from the typical dinosaur running loose and causing chaos. With Jurassic World, I believe we have seen all there is in the land of dinosaurs… on an island at least.

My recommendation for Jurassic World is not to get your hopes up, but still an entertaining night out sort of film.

Jurassic World
  • 78%
    Jake Grunwald - 78%


My recommendation for Jurassic World is not to get your hopes up, but still an entertaining night out sort of film.

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