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Just Cause 3 – Review

With the success of the smash hit, Just Cause 2, Avalanche Studios and Square Enix try their hand again at bringing the world chaos through the eyes of the famous liberator of nations, Rico Rodriguez.  This time Rico ventures to a small fictional island called Medici to liberate the nation from a tyrant ruler.  Rico teams with old acquaintances from the prior hit and finds new friends on the way to liberate this nation.


Just Cause 3 has a very Grand Theft Auto feel to it without the constant swearing and interesting scenes that comes from that title.  Rico is able to throw anybody out of any vehicle and acquires his own vehicles along the way.  These vehicles include enemy helicopter you are able to grapple up to as well as enemy jets and tanks.  A prime example of a vehicle acquired is this weaponized coupe pictured above which has a James Bond type missile system attached to it.  If you get too close to your explosions Rico is flung through the air injuring himself which at times results in death.


An interesting aspect is the wild animals that are seen running around.  Just for fun decided to gun one of them down with an RPG.  They didn’t explode like the rest of the environment does and as I expected them to, but just simply died.


Parachuting around the towns and cities to be liberated is a common mode of travel with a new wing suite being added in this recent release.  I find these helpful when you don’t want to drive from place to place or fly.  There is also a fast travel system to the cities that have been liberated, but whats the fun in that?  The new wing suite adds new speed and depth to traveling between cities on your quest to free the people from tyrant leaders.




The multiplayer function was introduced with a DLC in Just Cause 2 and follows the same suite with online match making and bringing multiple online players into this open world wreaking chaos through grenades, weaponized vehicles, helicopters, jets, and RPGs.


The graphics are smooth with explosions all over the place. The plethora of vehicles that are at your disposal or the ones that you are able to jack from your enemies by tossing pilots and drivers out of them are impressive.  The game developers really payed a lot of attention to detail and created a good looking open-world for you to explore, explode and cause chaos.  One of the most impressive aspects of this game is when you are driving a vehicle and you run over a field of flowers, they actually react to you and flatten out.  This is true with most things in the game with dust blowing from helicopters taking off to you flying your airplane into fuel tanks and then ejecting before hand.


The sound on this title is one of the best that I’ve heard in recent hits.  An example of the attention to detail is, when it is raining and you are running around causing chaos as expected.  When you jump into a vehicle you can hear the rain change to the sound of it hitting the roof of the car.  Again this same rain changes sound when you use the parachute to get around town and it actually sounds like it is falling on a parachute.  I enjoyed the sound of this title especially with dolby surround sound or even on my headphones.


Prior to the release of Just Cause 3 I had been playing the prior hit Just Cause 2 and enjoyed it quite a bit.  I love the open-world to explore.  I love the explosions and many ways which you can take down an enemy from flying your plane directly into their fuel pod to flying a helicopter firing a mini gun and missiles at the helpless troops below.  In this, the 3rd installment in the franchise, it continues to deliver amazing sound, game play and graphics.  Just Cause 3 is my go-to title.  I find the campaign missions challenging and now new AR missions exist to level up your gear.  It is my recommendation to pick this one up.  It promises many hours of entertainment!

Style – Single/Multiplayer, FPS

Publisher – Square Enix

Developer – Avalanche Studios

Release – December 2015



  • 4.2 – Gameplay
  • 4.0 – Graphics
  • 4.5  – Sound
  • 4.0 – Entertainment
  • 4.0 – Replay Value
Just Cause 3
  • Corey Staheli

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