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Kingsman: The Secret Service – Review

The action, the humor,  the violence, the gadgets, the ultra-secret spy agency, the brilliant yet deranged villain, the ruthless evil sidekick…Kingsman: The Secret Service has it all; and it is awesome.

I had very little expectations for Kingsman: The Secret Service, but I still couldn’t wait to see it. I mean what guy would pass up on hidden rooms filed with weapons and exploding gadgets. I thought it was going to be another mediocre, cookie cutter spy movie, but Twentieth Century Fox and Marv Films knocked my socks off with this one.

Harry Hart, code name Galahad (Colin Firth), is the total gentleman spy. He is recruiting for this ultra-secretive agency and while all of his fellow spies are recruiting from prestigious schools and star athletes. He chooses to recruit and submit as a candidate young Gary ‘ Eggsy’ Unwin (Taron Egerton), an unlikely lad with family problems, legal troubles and an overall chip on his shoulder. Running the risk of being a laughing stock Harry inspires Gary to push hard and meet each challenge head on to show the uppity candidates he can be the best. Gary is introduced to all things gentlemen; the suits, the shoes, the glasses and cool weapons.  As Gary beings to lose that chip on his shoulder and realize he can be something great, catastrophe happens when Valentine (Samuel L. Jackson) puts into motion his evil plot. Through a series of unfortunate events Gary finds himself one of the last Kingsman, along with recruit Roxy (Sophie Cookson) and Computer Genius code named Merlin (Mark Strong), their mission, to stop Valentine. Of course you know who is going to win…the good guys! But what a ride.

The casting for this film was spot on, I do not think anyone could have played these parts as well as this cast. The emotion was there, the humor timed perfectly and the fights…just about every fight seen was epic. Colin Firth, Michael Caine, Mark Strong, Samuel L. Jackson; all wonderful actors in their own right but together in this film were absolutely genius. I didn’t know before I viewed this film, but I was pleasantly surprised by a short lived appearance by Mark Hamill, being a fan of course I always enjoy seeing him in a film.


  • 100%
    Mark Parker - 100%
  • 94%
    David Walker - 94%
  • 90%
    Michael Gutierrez - 90%

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