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Mass Effect 3

For this review, I travel back a year and review one of the best games I have ever played. I had never played the previous two Mass Effect games, but I could not ignore the captivating commercials for Mass Effect 3. I got this game for my birthday and was immediately thrown into a story line and game play that I have never experienced before. This is not a quick game to complete either. It took me about 88 hours to complete. I am the type of player, who has to do all of the side missions and search for all secret stuff.

As I started to play Mass Effect 3, I really wish I had experienced the first two games. I don’t say this because I am not used to the game play, but rather to be more in tuned to the rich story line. This is a role-playing game (RPG) where the player can make several decisions about how to proceed. Those decision can greatly effect the storyline, gameplay, and the ending. With that being said, decisions made in the previous two installments of this game effect the story line and game play in Mass Effect 3. Some RPG’s can also become tedious with dialog and the game can drag on due to lack of action. Mass Effect 3 definitely does not lack action. Although this is an RPG, this game feels more of a 3rd person shooter most of the time. This to keeps me more interested, because the game does not get stale.

As with any RPG, the games starts with the player being able to personalize their character to a certain playing style and specifications. The player can choose race, hair style, uniform, sex, facial features, and more. Also, the player can choose what type of class they want to be. Classes effect how the player plays the game. Choose a soldier class and give your character strong attributes in assault weapons and combat. Choose a biotic class and give your character more strength in using biotic powers. There are several classes to choose from, so choose the playing style that best suits your needs. However, once you choose the class, it cannot be changed back. If you played the first two games, the player has the option to upload their previously created character. The player also has the option of playing a storyline campaign. This focuses on more story than action, and action campaign that focuses on more action than story, or RPG campaign that is the full experience.

Once your character is completed, you are thrown into the story and things progress very quickly. Game play consist of well thought out cinema scenes, options in dialog that directly effect the story, and a whole lot of running and gunning. After the initial opening sequence and gameplay, the player boards a ship and can go wherever they want. The player may then choose how he or she wants the story to progress. Follow the storyline and go to the end of the game, or branch off and explore doing side missions. The choice is yours, and this is one of my favorite aspects of this game. As you progress through the game, you recruit allies to assist with the final battle. This becomes important as the more allies and assets you acquire, you will have a chance for the best possible ending.


Unlike the previous Mass Effect games, this game introduced a new multiplayer feature to the game that can directly effect the story line. The premise of the game is to prepare the universe to fight the Reapers, who have taken over earth. As I mentioned above, throughout the campaign you gain allies and they assets to help with the final battle. In multiplayer there is a feature called galactic readiness which also effects the ending. Winning more multiplayer matches increases the players galactic readiness. Multiplayer is different then most multiplayer games, in that it does not put player vs player. Instead, gameplay revolves around 4 players surviving 11 waves of increasingly difficult enemies waves. There are many character types to choose from and the more experience you earn helps you to upgrade that character faster. Finishing a match also earns you credits. The credits can be used to purchase packs that provide random weapon upgrades and power boosts. Add on top of that DLC that adds new multiplayer characters and weapons, the multiplayer in this game can lead to hours of addicting game play.

The story revolves around commander Shepard and his crew. Earth has been invaded by Reapers, and an ancient, seemingly indestructible enemy that completely takes over earth. Shepard must now traverse the galaxy building a fleet to return to Earth and retake it. Hours of gameplay lead up to a final battle, which was influenced by what the player has done during the story line. The ending to this game is one of the most controversial in history and led to an uproar by Mass Effect fans. This uproar led to a huge DLC update that made changes to the ending.


Excellent graphics that almost feel like the player is watching a movie, especially during the video sequences.


The sound is just as breath taking as the graphics.


This game is a fitting end to the series and the multiplayer is fun. The downside of those game is the WTH ending that will leave you asking questions.


  • Amazing story line
  • Excellent graphics
  • Addicting multiplayer


  • Controls
  • Ending
  • Very long game.

Style – 1 Player, 3rd person, RPG, Co-op Online Only

Publisher – EA

Developer – Bioware

Release – March 2012

  • Throwback


This game is a fitting end to the series and the multiplayer is fun. The downside of those game is the WTH ending that will leave you asking questions.

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