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Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions

When Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions was being marketed, it relied heavily on the fact that the player will be able to play as the super awesome, Cyborg Ninja, aka Grey Fox. Naturally, with such heavy focus on the ninja’s playability (he was on the cover after all), there appeared to be a lot of excitement about VR Missions.  Unfortunately, anyone who played VR Mission was well deceived, because the ninja was practically non-existent in the game.  In the end, you are left with a boring game with few bright spots.

VR Missions is a collection of virtual training missions putting you in control of Solid Snake once again.  The VR missions made an appearance in Metal Gear Solid.  It was designed as a tutorial for the main game.  Instead of a handful of missions like in MGS, VR Mission includes around 300 challenges to test your efficiency in combat.  Some examples of missions include; sneaking by a number of enemies before time expires, destroying all targets with a specific weapon within a time limit, and reaching an extraction point without being detected.

There is no getting around the fact you will want to play as Grey Fox as soon as you load the game.  Sadly, there are only 3 missions dedicated to playing as the ninja, and you have to complete most of the boring challenges to unlock him.  When you do finally get to play as Grey Fox, it’s really awesome.  Contrasted by Snake’s relatively slow, methodical movement, Grey Fox is fast, agile, and capable of acrobatic jumping onto platforms.  It’s a shame his missions are so brief, because the game could have been so much better.

Aside from the ninja missions, there are a few groups of missions that are unique and worth playing.  Two in particular are the Mystery and Puzzle missions.  The detective missions consist of a scenario where the player has to determine, out of a lineup, which soldier has committed a particular act.  The player is given clues based on the environment and how the soldier appears or behaves. The puzzle missions include challenges initially seeming impossible to complete, but can be solved by performing attacks in unique ways.  Again, these missions can’t be unlocked until you have completed most of the lesser missions, which can be frustrating.



It’s a Playstation 1 game, so there isn’t much to expect.


One of the few strong points of the game. The music is wonderfully revamped from the original 8 bit Metal Gear games.


I won’t say, “You will not enjoy playing VR Missions”, because you may still find enjoyment out of the bulk of the game.  Just keep your expectations low.  If you were someone who paid full price for this game during the original release and was strategically deceived by its content, you would rightfully feel disappointed.  The good news is this game will be packaged with every major Metal Gear game in Metal Gear Solid: The Legacy Collection, so it will simply be a nice bonus among a collection of amazing games.


  • Playing as the Cyborg Ninja is as good as it sounds
  • Great music


  • The best missions are too few
  • Ninja missions are too brief
  • Graphics aged poorly


Style – Single-player Stealth Action

Publisher – Konami

Developer – Konami Computer Entertainment Japan

Release – September 1999

  • Throwback


Just keep your expectations low. If you were someone who paid full price for this game during the original release and was strategically deceived by its content, you would rightfully feel disappointed.

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