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NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection – Character Showcase

The NINJA GAIDEN: Master Collection brings Ryu Hayabusa and four iconic female characters together in an epic experience packed with thrilling battles. Ayane, Rachel, Momiji, and Kasumi assist Hayabusa in some of his most vigorous fights.

✧Use Ayane’s Mugen Tenshin Ninjitsu from the Hajinmon sect to obliterate enemies with her Fuma Kodachi (two short swords).
✧Slam fiends around with Rachel’s War Hammer.
✧Cut down spider ninja with Momiji’s Heavenly Dragon Naginata.
✧Eliminate the Lords Of Alchemy with Ayane’s half-sister, Kasumi and her Shrouded Moon (Wakizashi blade).

Or simply unleash Ryu Hayabusa and the many different weapons in his arsenal. The skilled ninja has mastered all of them and his enemies will not know what hit them!

*Female characters appear in this collection as they did in the original version of the games.*


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