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Onward Review

If it doesn’t make you cry, can you even call it a Disney movie?

The opening of this film we are thrown into a story of a mystical world where evolution has taken over and the creatures of this town/land are no longer magical but are instead, basic!

This is definitely one of the best Disney animated movies I have watched in a while, dare I say better than Frozen? *GASP* Don’t get me wrong, I Love Frozen because of the singing and musical score. Where Frozen is a story of two sisters, Onward is the story of two brothers. I felt much more connected to this story than I did to Frozen I and II, why? Well for starters, the character of Barley Lightfoot (voiced by Chris Pratt) is so loveable! We instantly learn that he is very lighthearted and so incredibly interested in his town’s history! His passion for people is amazing. I loved every character, but I especially enjoyed the pixies! I have not laughed so hard in a while, I know these pixies are going to be the next big thing after baby Yoda.

I was thinking about Onward and some tidbits I wanted to touch on:

  1. Weekend at Bernie’s (1989) – a CLASSIC comedy that somehow is being incorporated into a Disney animation! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you should either watch it or just google it, there are similarities between the father in Onward and Bernie from the movie: Weekend at Bernie’s.
  2. Mulan (1998) – If you haven’t watched Mulan in the last 22 years, you’re missing out! “BE A MAN!” and just watch it! So, the dragon “Mushu” from Mulan has a striking similarity to the pet dragon from Onward.

Besides the similarities noted above, I have only one little peeve. I personally feel Onward should have been a Father’s Day movie. I know we can deconstruct and pick this movie apart and justify why it would be ok to release now, but I feel like it would have hit ALL the feels in June rather than with a March release date. With that said, if you want unicorns! A Manticore! Some badass Pixies! And some centaurs! The whole family will enjoy Onward!

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