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Outward Xbox One Review

After devoting a couple days to Outward, one thing is for sure; nothing in the game comes easily. It isn’t a game for the lighthearted and it’s not a particularly fun game like most open-world RPGs we are used to. It’s a game that demands patience. In this game, you live with your failures due to constant auto-saves. Yet, it lacks in its quick-saves and a quick-load system. It felt like a new breed of RPG, combining the sense of exploration we’re all accustom to with a ridiculous survival system. To the point where your character can get sick from bad food, is constantly thirsty, can catch a cold cause of the weather, or can contract an infection while fighting.

The main thing that stood out in Outward was you clearly aren’t a hero or savior by any means. You’re just an ordinary person that is forced on the adventure simply because you owe a blood price debt. The debt doesn’t seem like a great amount until you start playing, the game doesn’t make it easy to come up with the funds. Believe me, there were a few times time I said “F this!” but then decided to continue playing so the game wouldn’t get the best of me. Part of what makes the game so damn frustrating are the backpacks, that is where the real focus is at. They come in all kinds of sizes and they’re essential to your journey. While most are lightweight (sacrificing inventory space for mobility), others have plenty of storage, but tend to slow you down in combat when dodging.

Then there’s the combat system which feels unreliable. The system itself is more about preparing for combat rather than actually swinging a weapon. Enemies can inflict some serious damage if taken for granted. Which brings me to potions! They are your friend, I basically had to drink a potion before engaging any enemy and if all else failed the next best thing was running past enemies to avoid losing. Be warned, the game is super challenging and lacks many of the elements standard RPG have spoiled us with, like no fast travel!

Graphically the game would have been spectacular if it was made during the first gen Xbox or PS2. However, now a days people expect a certain graphic quality when paying top dollar for new gen systems. With that being said, we have reviewed games that were in a sort of beta capacity before and truly hope this is the case with Outward.

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