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Pet Sematary Review

There was a time when the words remake sent shivers down my spines. It was mostly because the remakes were never as good as the originals. However, with the success of Stephen King’s “IT”, I was less reluctant to go see this one. Believe me, it wasn’t easy fighting my reserves to go see this movie. I actually decided at the very last minute to drive over to watch the film. In fact, I almost didn’t get inside because the movie was about to start. After all the fuss I must say it was surprisingly GOOD!!!!!

I covered my eyes a FEW TIMES and the audience and I jumped in many scenes! There was comic relief! If you remember the original, THIS is worth the remake! It feels like they didn’t have the budget or right director the first time around! Also, the writers didn’t change anything too drastic! In fact, the small differences made this version MUCH better!

I wanted to also briefly touch on Jeté Laurence who plays Ellie Creed in the movie. This little girl practically MADE the movie since she is involved in mostly every scene! Her acting skills are sharp and she really did well, especially towards the end of the movie, speaking of which that was out of control!

Now I want to read the book to see which version (1989 or 2019) most closely follows Stephen King’s book! I recommend it!

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