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Pete’s Dragon – Review

With the new era of film reboots, Disney delivers a huge classic from the 1977 hit, Pete’s Dragon. The original came before my time and many others, but it has always a childhood favorite to me. Seeing the first trailer for the 2016 version sparked old memories and new ones as I witnessed the excitement in my children. Both were glued to the preview and immediately asked me to take them when it came out in theaters. Like the original, the 2016 Pete’s Dragon did not disappoint. It was pleasant and heartwarming, which left a positive impression on both of my kids and I.

The story kicks off as Mr. Meacham (Robert Redford), a woodcarver in the Pacific Northwest, delights children with a tale of a dragon he once came face to face with. The mysterious dragon was said to live deep in the woods and at times the locals could hear it’s terrifying roar. But the woodcarver’s daughter, Grace (Bryce Dallas Howard) was not so impressed by his stories until she stumbled upon a young boy named, Pete (Oakes Fegley) who vanished 6 years ago. Like Mr. Meacham, Pete describes the mysterious dragon as a close friend much like a relationship with a family dog. Of course this legendary creature draws attention to many others and their own selfish plans to capture it.

pete's dragon

Pete’s Dragon is filled with highs and lows sending the audience on an emotional rollercoaster. Director, David Lowery does a great job connecting the viewers to the characters. There is a strong attachment to the outcome of their journey. The acting by Fegley is fantastic. For the young boy, he did very well at expressing the emotions of his character. As always, Redford and Howard delivered stellar performances. My only negative reaction to the acting is by, Karl Urban as he played the so-called “bad guy”. For some reason I am not sold on Urban’s acting and find it to be a bit cheesy. The CGI for Elliot the dragon was excellent. It was beautify done and very sharp. As in nearly all Disney films, Pete’s Dragon ends on a good note and a positive message.

If you were considering whether or not to see Pete’s Dragon, I would strongly recommend in doing so. The film is a great activity for taking your family out.

  • 85%
    Jake Grunwald - 85%

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