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I WASN’T READY! I THOUGHT I WAS READY but guys! I can’t stop laughing cause towards the end of the movie I was feeling MINDBLOWN! When I tell you I thought this movie was about a girl playing some sort of “initiation” game with her new family. I even thought it would be like the movie You’re Next !!!!!! JESUS TAKE THE WHEEL! It was anything BUT the above-mentioned title. I’m so grateful my husband’s family didn’t take a liking to me in the way Grace’s (Samara Weaving) new family did. I can only imagine had they NOT liked her.

I really liked how this movie played out, it was like The Most Dangerous Game meets The Addams Family. It had the comedy of the Addams family where only “they” could understand their family values. This movie is up there in the MUST WATCH this summer! It really was funny, fun, ridiculous, WTF!? Especially the end! My husband jumped a couple of times so I know it had the essence of surprise! The audience was VERY surprised a few times. I like that the main character talks to herself a few times during the movie and honestly most of the time I am in such agreement with the character!

I sincerely feel that anyone looking for something with some suspense and laughter would very much appreciate this film! Ready or Not? I think you are not! I am the kind of moviegoer that likes to solve the mystery first or anticipate scenes, and yeah, there are some predictable scenes but it doesn’t take away from the nuances that the screenwriters (Guy Busick and Ryan Murphy) have included to keep the audience on its toes! With that said, I don’t think the audience will anticipate any of the twists from this film. I am really excited for this film to hit the screens this week to find out what the rest of the world thinks! I know you won’t be disappointed.

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