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Ready Player One Review

Ready Player One was adapted from Ernest Cline’s 2001 original novel by the same name. Stephen Spielberg being a master in his craft brings his own interpretation of the novel proving he still has what a takes to bring beautiful compelling stories to life. This movie by all means is a love letter to the geek/pop culture. For many like me, it’ll be a nostalgic trip that references many of the icons from our youth.

Spielberg manages create a world that draws you in with characters you care about. Not to mention it’s a visual feast of clever puzzles, intense action, comedy and drama with real consequences and surprises. Along with enough hidden “Easter eggs” to keep the internet happy for years to come. Ready Player One has elements that the whole family will appreciate so take some time from your busy lives to enjoy the beautifully made cinematic experience.


Ready Player One Review
  • 98%
    Michael Gutierrez - 98%


Ready Player One is classic Spielberg fun! What a blast, can’t wait to see it again. This movie rewards repeat viewings.

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