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Saint’s Row IV

Helicopter ride to the middle of nowhere to find and eliminate a terrorist hiding out. Breaking in to his base you find and kill said bad guy, Cyrus, falling into the molten lava below. As this happens he throws a thumbs up and sends the nuke off to Washington, D.C. You run off to jump on the side of the missile as Aerosmith’s “Don’t Want to Miss a Thing” begins playing as you try to disarm the missile before it gets to D.C. Eventually the missile is disarmed and blows up in  the air safely as you fall into the Oval Office of the White House, you have just unlocked the “Presidency.” That is a brief run down of the first mission, the first maybe ten minutes of the game. Set the bar for what to expect for the whole game, jokes, mayhem and a game that knows it’s a game.

The story of the game is you are the president and you, most of your staff get kidnapped by aliens. The aliens seek to find the best and brightest of each planet before they destroy it. Once you get taken you begin to fight back by taking over the city/simulation causing problems for the aliens as you do. It’s a simple way to say hey take over the city again but for this reason this time. With the new additions to the game it plays about the same as the others but because it’s within the simulation certain rules can be broken. The story plays out nicely and is well done. It’s easy to lose track of time while doing missions whether they be side or main.

My favorite thing about the Saint’s Row series is that the whole time it’s a game that is made to be fun before realistic. For example, the Inflatable gun that makes people inflate like balloons until they pop.


Or maybe just the fact that you can wear anything from a suit and tie to the Uncle Sam outfit, even dress like a werewolf if you so choose. The game is very quick to get into, you start out with a short mission setting things up, then shortly after you begin your free roam throughout the city. It is easy to lose track of time just running around doing the standard open world things, driving, side mission, fighting police. However this has some new things to add to those, super speed which actually has you sprinting faster than cars at full speed, super jump which allows you to literally jump from the ground to the top of most buildings in one jump. These are the first two you unlock, later on you get a blast and telekinesis for offensive powers. The speed and jump pretty much eliminate the need for a car, however the other powers just add to the options you have during combat shooting with a shotgun while the recharge.

Even though vehicles seem to have less use within the game, there is still a large amount within, with more options to customize them, from increased torque to adding nitrous to any vehicle you happen to find. Weapons are the same way. You can get a single shot, heavy damage pistol and make it shoot lasers or bullets depending on which look you want. The same goes for a bounce gun, semi-auto shotgun and more. The best thing overall about this game is the large amount of things you can do with it, from the weapons to the outfits, it truly is a your game while you play.

The side missions range from the tank mayhem, blow as much up as possible, to the insurance fraud, where you run into traffic trying to make as much money as possible chaining cars together by flying through the air. There are a few co op-online missions called cat and mouse, along with some others. I have not played these yet as I haven’t had a chance to get a friend into the game with me.

There are lots of things to do within the game, bottom line it’s funny, the story is what you would expect to find from aliens invading earth.


The graphics are done very well.



The voice acting is very well done, including Keith David as Vice President, oh and Nolan North as a voice option named, “Nolan North” IT’S LIKE HAVING DEADPOOL!


I would recommend this to anyone as at least a rental if not a purchase.


  • Lots of customization within
  • Hilarious


  • Glitches here and there

Style – 1-2 player open world mayhem

Publisher – Deep Silver

Developer – Volition, Inc.

Release – August 2013


  • 5.0 – Gameplay
  • 4.6 – Graphics
  • 4.5 – Sound
  • 4.7 – Entertainment
  • 4.5 – Replay Value
  • Samuel Burnette


I would recommend Saints Row IV to anyone as at least a rental, if not a purchase.

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