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Spies in Disguise Review

Spies in Disguise is a PG-rated, comedic animated adventure, aimed at families and young children. It was originally inspired by a 2009 award-winning six-minute animated short by screenwriter and animator Lucas Martell called Pigeon: Impossible, about a pigeon and a highly advanced weapon system in a suitcase.

Will Smith voices Lance Sterling, a super cool athletic, yet very stylish spy; who’s as sophisticated and loyal to America’s cause. While Tom Holland voices the dorky young scientist and tech whiz Walter Beckett; who’s primarily there to supply the gadgets, kind of like a Q to Lance’s Bond type of relationship.

Smith really knows how to deliver the comic gags, especially in pigeon form. I actually found him more entertaining in this film than in Gemini Man; enough though, I’m more of an action buff. Let’s not forget about Holland which was ideally cast here as well and always on his A-game. Both of these actors gave top performances that aren’t always easy to convey when it comes to animated scripts. If you’re thinking, yeah right anyone can do that, please watch Beyoncé’s performance in The Lion King (2019).

Not only did I find the film pretty entertaining it also had a lot of teachable moments. For instance, one of Lance’s worst moments of being a pigeon comes when he goes to the restroom and realizes that both number one and number two come out of the same orifice called the “cloaca”. I had no idea that was the scientific name! I just say it comes out of the butt. I actually learned quite a bit about birds in this film surprisingly enough. I can see this film sparking a new generation of scientists or veterinarians.

Just know when it comes to holiday films, you’re in good hands with Agent Sterling and Walter Beckett. Even if the ending is obvious (it’s a kid’s film), there are still plenty of surprises that will induce laughter and tug at the heartstrings. Most importantly, this film creates an opportunity to discuss with our loved ones no matter our differences, always try to talk out your disagreement and if needed fight it out with hugs and glitter, not fists because fists/weapons don’t solve issues.

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