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Stranger Things (Netflix) – Review

This suspenseful Netflix series with thrills and chills around every corner will have you on edge looking over your shoulder and haunting your every dream. Stranger Things is a mysterious and terrifying science fiction drama recently released in 8 episodes. The title sequence alone is packed with intense horror music and gives you the feeling of diving into a Stephen King book.

The film series features award-winning actress Winona Ryder as Joyce Byers, who lives with her two boys in a small town in Indiana. The timeline takes place in 1983, which focuses on a group of four boys who are very close friends needing support from one another when one of them goes missing. With the disappearance of Will Buyers, his mother Joyce launches an extraordinary investigation with the help of a local police chief. Events lead them to unraveling a deep secret within the government of unnerving supernatural forces and a unique little girl.

One movie I quickly related to Stranger Things was Steven Spielburg’s, The Goonies. These young boys took me back immediately to that mysterious adventure of friends coming together in finding the hidden treasure. Although, Stranger Things had a much deeper eerie feel to it where you weren’t so sure things would turn out for the best. There were plenty of great moments during this series and one of which reminded me of a scene from E.T. as the boys are fleeing for their lives on bicycles. Probably my favorite aspect of this film series is the music. In every form, the music choices throughout are perfect for that 80’s feel and evil lurking drama.

For me, Stranger Things turned out to be extremely better than I could have imagined. Pure terror at it’s best! This is by far one of the top films in science fiction horror. It will leave that everlasting frightening impression on you as many famous classics have before. I cannot express it enough, Stranger Things is a must see! You won’t be disappointed, I absolutely love it! The best news of all, it will be returning in 2017.

Stranger Things (TV Series)
  • 100%
    Jake Grunwald - 100%
  • 95%
    Nicholas Black - 95%
  • 70%
    Michael Gutierrez - 70%
  • 97%
    Brandin Schfer - 97%
  • 97%
    Mark Parker - 97%
  • 95%
    Ryan Koceski - 95%

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