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The Gentlemen Review

Usually, this time of the year is dumping grounds for studios to offload the movies they feel won’t do well. Once in a while, you’ll get a gem of a movie like “Kingsman” (2014). The Gentlemen is another diamond in the rough.

Directed by Guy Richie, “The Gentleman” showcases his action-comedy; much like his classics “Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels” and “Snatch”.

The premise of the film is that a marijuana dealer (Mickey played by Matthew McConaughey) is looking to sell his business and get out, but a nosy tabloid paper wants to spill the beans on his business via their flamboyant PI (Fletcher played by Hugh Grant). Just like Richie’s high praised films, we have twists and turns that will have you laughing and smiling.

The cast is perfect for the film. Charlie Hunnam as Ray, Mickey’s right-hand man. Jeremy Strong as Matthew, the potential buyer of Mickey’s empire. Henry Goldman as Dry Eye, a young wannabe gangster, and Colin Farrell as Coach, a boxing coach looking out for the youth in his neighborhood. Farrell steals it on screen. The scenes he’s in are some of the funniest parts of this movie. The action, script, soundtrack, and cinematography is top-notch. I believe this movie may have set the record on how many times and different ways you can say “See You Next Tuesday”.

In all, The Gentlemen is Guy Richie at his best and I’m glad to see him going back to his roots. I highly recommended this film to all action-comedy fans. Guy Richie is back and I will be seeing this movie again with my buddies this weekend… maybe I should get a pint before going in. The Gentlemen opens in theaters on Friday, January 24th.

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