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The World’s End, Edgar Wright’s final film in the Cornetto Trilogy released this weekend and it just might be perfect. Twenty years after five high school friends who set out on an epic ‘Golden Mile’ pub crawl that ends in the aptly named World’s End, only to fall short, Gary King (Simon Pegg) is now in a support group. Someone asked him if he regretted not finishing it, and the obsession is reborn.


Gary goes around London, gathering the “five Musketeers” (‘There’s three actually. Well, four if you include Dartanion’)  Oliver (Martin Freeman), Steven (Paddy Considine), Peter (Eddie Marsan) and his best friend Andy (Nick Frost) for a second attempt at the Golden Mile. They now have their own lives, family, corporate jobs and adult responsibilities, except for Gary. Slobbish Gary King hasn’t had a break in life since that glorious night twenty years ago and pleads with all four friends to go back to their hometown to finish what they started. After lies and deceit from Gary the crawl begins. Life is different in Newton Haven, but they can’t put their finger on it. The first two pubs are exactly the same, ”corporate takeover”, etc. Only King doesn’t notice. Around pub number 5 is when things get weird. No one seems their normal old self. No one remembers the five friends, only Reverend Green, the once pot dealer turned suit and tie-wearing drone. After a confrontation with local teenagers in the bathroom does our band of friends realize something is afoot in Newton Haven.

The World’s End oozes with what made Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz popular: running gags, outlandish storylines, raising a pint in the air and a small love for a freezer section confectionery, but it also has a ton of heart. It’s about undying loyalty to your mate and the need to see things to the end, no matter how bad it might get.

If you can, see all three films in the theater right now, or at least screen Shaun and Fuzz on Blu before you head to the theater. The enormous amount of visual cues and riffs shared in these makes this series one of the great film comedy series.  The editing, filmmaking and use of sound and music continues to just absolutely thrill and delight with all three films building different film universes. This may be the third movie in a loosely tied trilogy, but it’s just the beginning for Edgar Wright, Pegg and Frost. Now, lets raise our pints, hold our friends close and find a front row seat to The World’s End.

The World's End
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If you can, see all three films in the theater right now, or at least screen Shaun and Fuzz on Blu before you head to the theater.

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