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Uncut Gems Review

I went into this movie knowing very little about it. All I know that it had Adam Sandler in a dramatic role. Usually, comedians do well in dramatic roles and Sandler proves it again. Uncut Gems shows Adam Sandler in his best performance to date.

Kudos to The Safdie Brothers (writer-directors) and Sandler that make Uncut Gems one of the top films of 2019. Sandler headlines this comedy-drama about a gambler who just can’t quit when he should. The movie is about Howard, an obnoxious foul mouth jeweler who’s head over heels in debt with a bookie (Eric Bogosian) and is trying to wheel and deal to keep them at bay. He invests in a rare opal that he wants to auction off for a big payday. One of his friends & local customers (Lakeith Stanfield) brings in a high profile client (played by retired NBA player Kevin Garnett) who Howard shows him the opal in order to impress him. From there the story takes you a high anxiety roller coaster. From dealing with a marriage on the rocks, a young girlfriend (Julia Fox) that’s partying with rappers & who happens to work for him, to formal customers looking for their money from being scammed by him. Uncut Gems will have you thinking that he’s done with his habits or is he really gonna “let it ride”.

Stellar performances from Stanfield, Bogosian, Fox, and surprisingly Garnett. The score alone, by Daniel Lopatin, gives you the feeling of the busy street life of New York City. Uncut Gems is a film that makes you appreciate Adam Sandler as an actor more than a comedian. The movie gets a limited release on December 13, nationwide on December 25th.

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