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Underneath – Review

Coming across a well-rounded low budget film isn’t easy, there are few and far in between. When my friend, Blake Farris asked me to review his most recent project I was more than excited to do so. I first experienced a film starring Farris in Beast: A Monster Among Men (2013). Although this film had it’s flaws, the cast and crew were set off in the right direction. Before I watched Underneath, I had high hopes for my friend and his team to do well. Farris seemed trilled about his work, which he should be due to his latest film leaving a positive lasting impression.

Underneath is one dark and twisted suspenseful film. Several times I found myself anticipating what was going to happen next. Some of which was easy to predict, but other parts not as much. The story for Underneath is great, it will keep the audience engaged and entertained. Underneath mirrors the previous Showtime hit, Dexter. My only concern would be the beginning of the film. It felt very drawn out. The camera was focusing on every move Eric Linton (Blake Farris) made as he got ready for his day. Once the drug driven criminal, Shane Reigle (Mark D. Matthews) made contact with Eric at his house, the story kicked things into top gear. Everything from this point on was excellent.

Director/Writer Mike Lenzini is well on his way to creating great films. Underneath is his best work yet and the future is bright for him and his staff. Farris and Matthews are a fantastic team. Each preform at their best, giving everything they have to produce a terrific film. If you are looking to watch a Suspension/Thriller, I highly recommend watching Underneath, it is available now.

  • 82%
    Jake Grunwald - 82%

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