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White House Down

The international news has been filled with political strife and constant overthrows of government. For some, hearing about the issues abroad gives a sense of gratefulness for the government we have; however for others, it’s an extreme situation that could be a solution to the troubles we have here at home. There is that question though lingering in all of our minds: what would happen if our government fell?

This year two movies hit the silver screen addressing that very question: Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down. Releasing first, Olympus Has Fallen brought to us a more serious tone to the circumstances of a coup in Washington; whereas White House Down gave us action and comedy. Personally, I thought it was a bad move for Sony to release White House Down so soon after Millennium Films’ Olympus Has Fallen. My thoughts were: “Didn’t we already see an attack on Capitol Hill a month ago?” But, as the movie has proven, despite their almost identical themes, White House Down is an altogether completely different movie.

Think of Die Hard in the White House. If you can imagine that, then you’ve just seen White House Down. The duo of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum brought a good mix of action and comedy viewers can truly appreciate. Tatum stepped into the role of a true action hero as he found himself to be the only savior against a group of mercenaries who wish to take down the U.S. government and stage a coup. The single person in the way of this is Jamie Foxx, President and Chief Executive of the United States. Beside Tatum, Foxx’s quirky and thoughtful humor added a balance to the ongoing fast-paced action, creating a cool mix keeping viewers entertained. When all else fails and the enemy is within our homeland, the pair must find a way to preserve the governing body of the U.S. and prevent the nation and world from an all-out world war.

The movie proved a good addition to this summer’s repertoire of action flicks. Although it was lacking in the deep political commentary some of us thinkers would have liked to have seen; it did not take away from the movie’s ability to enthrall moviegoers alike. If I were to say anything could be improved, it would be the length of the movie; but overall, it was worth seeing. I think the applause I heard in the theater would support that conclusion as well. Unfortunately for Sony, Olympus Has Fallen beat White House Down to the punch and its 4th place rating only shows this movie will be overshadowed this summer.

White House Down
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    Natalie Parson - 80%


If I were to say anything could be improved, it would be the length of the movie; but overall, it was worth seeing.

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