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Torque Detail Review

Mirror Shine is designed as a wax/sealant replacement, and this product blew us away in terms of its effectiveness. The company, Torque Detail is run by a former professional detailer who produces Mirror Shine entirely in-house in Tampa, Florida.

The liquid goes on easy, does a great job of removing water spots and other blemishes, and wipes off easier than other waxes.

Replaces Everything: Never Use Your Wash, Wax, Polish & Seal Products Again

Saves Time: Just Spray on and Buff With a Microfiber Towel

Glass-Like Shine: Patented Polymer-Based Formula Bonds to Paint Coating

Prevents Water Spots: Designed To Be Hydrophobic and Repel Water From Coat

Up To 6 Months Of Protection: Special Bonding™ Formula Adds Up To 6 Months of Protection

Works On: Windows, Glass, Chrome, Alloy, Boats & Fiberglass (Do Not Use On Plastic)

Works Great on Black Cars: Watch This Video Review From One Of Our Customers To See How Great It Makes A Black Truck Look

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